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“Fat Girl Triolet”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Poet Stephanie Rogers: I’d post it outside every Weight Watchers (WW) meeting and make it required reading before entering. Fat women especially need to begin seeing and hearing about fatness outside the context of body hatred. Artist Millian Giang Pham: When first reading and rereading the poem, I thought it was mostly about body image. But after much reflection before, during, and after making the artwork, and then seeing the pairing of art and poetry on this broadside, it’s more than just about body image. It’s about self-image and the self’s relation to the all these outside forces.

Artist and educator Millian Giang Pham is on a quest for gestures that shape perception through visual and verbal language. Poet Stephanie Rogers is the author of Plucking the Stinger (Saturnalia Books, 2016) and Fat Girl Forms (Saturnalia Books, 2021).

Read the full Q&A and get the Broadside


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