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Collaborators’ Q&A:  Poet Nicelle Davis: Broadsided is simply beautiful—it represents all the things I consider to be “good” and “true.” Broadsided is driven by a sense of restorative justice—it gives art back. Artist Meghan Keane: I was moved and inspired by the direct and veiled content of LGBT+ sexual experiences. A line that hasn’t left me: “When she said she knew, I understood tamales.”

Nicelle Davis is a California poet, collaborator, and performance artist. She is the creator of The Poetry Circus and collaborator on the Nevermore Poetry Festival. Artist Meghan Keane is a painter and printmaker. She is the founding director of

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Broadsides to Books: Self Portrait by Proxy

Pelvis with Distance Jessica Jacobs White Pine Press, 2015 $16; ISBN: 978-1-935210-66-5 135 pages Reviewed by Kali Lightfoot Pelvis with Distance: A Biography-in-Poems / Self Portrait by Proxy To read Jessica Jacobs’s 2015 debut collection Pelvis with Distance is to…

Broadsides to Books: Is the Arrow in Motion?

Traveling for No Good Reason George Franklin Sheila-Na-Gig Editions, 2018 $17; ISBN: 978-1-7329406-0-4 Reviewed by Deborah Bacharach In his second book, Traveling for No Good Reason, George Franklin shoots the reader straight into Zeno’s paradox of the arrow: in any…