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“Round Baby Imagines Ships Made of Steel and Stars”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Poet Sheila Squillante:  The artist was able to capture the celestial and biological spirit of the poem. So we get both outer space and inner space. And then, too, there is the technological—the pixilation of a television screen. It’s exciting. Artist Se Thut Quon: I am attracted to the poem’s employment of the science of vision.

Poet Sheila Squillante is the author of the poetry collection, Beautiful Nerve as well as three chapbooks. Artist Se Thut Quon lives in Kentucky.


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AWP 2019, Portland — Come See Us!

We’ve been plotting and scheming and prepping… and there’s more plotting and scheming and prepping to do.  What do the two images below have to do with literary/art collaborations? You must visit our table at AWP (# T8003, near Stage…

Call for Ekphrastic Submissions: The Switcheroo! (deadline 4/15/19)

BROADSIDED PRESS ANNUAL SWITCHEROO WANTED: Ekphrastic Responses to artist Jennifer Moses’s “Skipping Along” DEADLINE: April 15, 2019 Broadsided Press is seeking submissions of poetry and short prose that respond to “Skipping Along,” a mixed-media piece by Broadsided artist Jennifer Moses. The winning entry…