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“Donji Žabar”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Artist Lisa Sette:  It brings me back to when I was young and listening to my grandmother speak of Italy, where she grew up. It feels very non-American. It spoke to that part of me, to my mother and father’s families who had to leave Italy.  I feel like it can exist anywhere in time, but it’s suspended in that time/non-time of family and generational memory tied to another country and culture. Poet Milica : I agree very much with what Lisa writes. “Non-American” really captures it. More specifically, I think this collaboration could be any moment or any time where families are together one last time before some of them immigrate, whether that be for better opportunities or to escape war, before they have to say goodbye again.

Milica Mijatović is a Serbian poet and translator. Born in Brčko, Bosnia and Hercegovina, she relocated to the United States. Her poetry appears or is forthcoming in Rattle, The Louisville Review, Poet Lore, Collateral, Santa Clara Review, and elsewhere. She serves as Assistant Poetry Editor for Consequence Forum. Artist Lisa Sette lives and works on Cape Cod.

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