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“A Derby in Sapphics”

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Collaborators Q&A: Artist Zehra Khan: The poem sets you up in a frenzy of colors and sounds, and then drops you into reality of a pandemic flat line. Poet Danielle Cadena Deulen: My mother was a student of art and a beautiful artist in her own right. I grew up with artist monographs around the house and some of my happiest memories as a child were of sitting in her lap, flipping through the pages, and listening to her talk quietly about the works of Chagall, van Gogh, and Picasso. I didn’t inherit her visual gifts, but I still feel a childlike wonder and love for visual art.

Poet Danielle Cadena Deulen is the author of a memoir and two poetry collections. She is an assistant professor at Georgia State University in Atlanta and hosts “Lit from the Basement” a podcast and radio show. Zehra Khan is a multi-disciplinary artist who likes to make things by hand. Khan is American and Pakistani, born in Indonesia. You can find her work at

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Broadsides to Books: Deke Dangle Dive

cover image of book - snowy field with hockey net at night.

Deke Dangle Dive by Gibson Fay-LeBlanc CavanKerry Press, 2021 ISBN 978-1933880853 $16.56, Purchase at Review by Andrea Van Dinther Editorial Note: This month, rather than a narrative review, we are “diving” into a book through the lens of a…

Broadsides to Books: A Dance of Frosty Silence

The Tulip-Flame cover shot by the reviewer Nayoung Kim.

The Tulip-Flame by Chloe Honum Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2014 ISBN 9780986025754 $15.95, Purchase at Review by Nayoung Kim A young dancer in frosty quietude “glide[s]” across Chloe Honum’s debut collection, The Tulip-Flame, which revisits the deaths of…

2021 Pushcart Prize Nominations

We are so proud to nominate six collaborations (how can we choose just six?!) published by Broadsided Press for the annual Pushcart Prizes.  We’re not sure what this venerable literary anthology will do with our collaborative approach and innovative publishing…