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Call for Ekphrastic Submissions: The Switcheroo! (deadline 4/15/18)

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WANTED: Ekphrastic Responses to artist David Bernardy’s “Measure of Grace”
DEADLINE: April 15, 2018

Broadsided Press is seeking submissions of poetry and short prose that respond to “Measure of Grace,” a mixed-media piece by Broadsided artist David Bernardy.The winning entry will be published on May 1, 2018 as a Broadsided collaboration to enliven the doors, utility poles, bus stops, and walls of the world.

This the 15th Broadsided Press Switcheroo. What is The Switcheroo?  Every spring, we like to turn the tables and invite writers to respond to art we post. All Broadsided artists are invited to submit up to three pieces of work for the Switcheroo. We then asked Amy Meissner, the 2017 Switcheroo artist, to review the submissions and choose one she thought would be open to literary response and would work in the Broadsided format. Of her decision, Meissner had this to say:

As an artist who works with household cloth created by unknown makers, I’m consistently drawn to the narrative quality of anonymous photographs of women. I can see why the artist chose to manipulate the photograph in this assemblage — the defiant expression juxtaposed with hands held in prayer, lends one to believe the subject’s mind is elsewhere. The work feels like such a stepping off point for so many narrative opportunities. —Amy Meissner,

"Measure of Grace," David Bernardy, Mixed media
“Measure of Grace,” David Bernardy, Mixed Media Collage on Wood, 10.5 ” wide by 9.75″ tall

Artist David Bernardy is an artist, a writer, and a teacher. He holds a PhD in literature and creative writing from the University of Houston and lives in Greenville, SC.

Poems should be UNDER 20 lines.  Prose should be UNDER 300 words.  Entries should be sent via Submittable under the “Switcheroo” tab.  Further guidelines can be found there.

Curious to know what we’re looking for?  See past Switcheroo examples.  We’ve favored responses that are not literal interpretations but instead instead amplify some emotional aspect of the visual art. As both image and text will appear together in the final publication, we seek writing in conversation with the art such that a new piece is created by the two together.

A pdf of this announcement can be downloaded here: Switcheroo2018-BroadsidedPress-15AprilDeadline

PS: We are are also open for non-Switcheroo submissions.  See our guidelines.  If selected, a Broadsided artist will respond to your work.  See what you inspire!


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