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Teach : Incarcerated Students

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Welcome! We're excited to share lesson plans for all interested in using our broadsides in the classroom -- from primary school to adult community center to university and beyond. If you are a TEACHER, we'd love to know how you've used broadsides.

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Use the Broadsided Anthology

Inspiration for teachers of art, creative writing, and more in this beautiful collection of broadsides, interviews, and on-the-street photos. Discounts for educators.

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Teach: Broadsides in Prison Writing Workshops

Using broadsides of poems written by prisoners increases the students’ immediate sense of “I have something to say about this.”

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What Have You Swallowed?

An essay/lesson plan exploring the spirit of broadsides and the possibilities they can open for students in prisons and jails, as well as university students responding to such poems.

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