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Issue 20.1, Spring 2024 – Editors’ Note

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Spring! April! National Poetry Month!

The bright palette and strong patterns (both visual and linguistic) of this folio dance over and along the deep emotions and, in many cases, sorrows held in the poems. Isn’t that the essence of spring?  Below are the collaborations, which give you, in addition to the broadsides themselves, insightful conversations about creativity, poetry, and art from the artists and writers.

Read on for more, including two new lesson plans, a call for writing in response to art (it’s the annual Switcheroo, y’all!), a review of Darren C. Demaree’s latest book, and more…

Looking at the folio as a whole, we love seeing the color echoes between “Cytokine,” “Graffiti on Moving Day,” and “Tall(grass) Prairie Song.” “Highlights” and “Tomcat” use patterning in ways that ask us to consider how memory and desire repeat themselves in our minds.  The enigmatic, powerful images of “Black Dissection” and “Pelt” draw us in to look more closely, to spend more time with each. We ask ourselves: what does abstraction open? What about enigmatic photographs? How do images of childhood linger for us, perhaps as afterimages?

The dance of poem and art opens so many possibilities of wonder. We think about the artist sitting with the poem, considering how it speaks to their particular creative practice. And the poets who offer their words to Broadsided, what were they hoping or fearing to see?  All this and more (including creative prompts, recent books and art that have been of inspiration, suggestions of weather, dreams of Vectorization) can be found in the “Collaborators’ Q&A” for each broadside.

But wait, there’s more!

2024 Switcheroo Call For Ekphrastic SubmissionsBROADSIDED’s ANNUAL SWITCHEROO
WANTED: Ekphrastic Responses to artist Sara Tabbert’s carved veneer panel, New Growth
DEADLINE: May 1, 2024

Each year, we turn the tables on our usual process for finding original, vibrant work.  We post an image and ask poets to respond.  This year, artist Douglas Culhane has selected Sara Tabbert’s carved veneer panel–what do you see here? What inspires you? What springs forth? Will you Switcheroo?

Guidelines, Details, and More

Teaching Inspiration: Issue 20.1 brings two new portfolio-inspired lesson plans: “Intro to Ekphrasis” by George Mason University Professor Kerry Folan and “Muse to Muse” by Nancy Mitchell, Poet Laureate of Salisbury, Maryland.

Both offer different and exciting ways to engage and create ekphrases. Get your students thinking about poetry, visual art, and the exciting conversations they can have with each other!

Broadsides to Books: We love sharing reviews of collections Broadsided writers have published. This issue, it’s Darren C. Demaree’s (whose broadside, “I Put My Fingers In” was in the Fall 2023 folio) new collection.

Erin Hollowell’s review of in defense of the goat as it continues to wander towards the certain doom of the cliff (April Gloaming, 2024) will be published soon, but here’s a sneak peek:

The goat arrives from Mary Ruefle’s chapbook On Imagination. No, wait, the goat arrives from Emily Dickinson. No, wait, the goat arrives from Emily Dickinson’s nephew. […] the goat in Darren C. Demaree’s new collection in defense of the goat that continues to wander towards the certain doom of the cliff escapes.

Keep an eye on our reviews section (or the socials!) for the full review.

As always, these original collaborations as well as teaching plans and reviews are offered, free, for you to download, print, and share.  We hope you’ll introduce your communities to this wonderful work via notice boards, office doors, bus stops, bathroom stalls, and utility poles. Happy spring!

With Joy,

The Editors

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