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Contributions by Anna Marlin:

“I Gazed at the Face of the Pacific”

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The Moscow Arts Commission put forth a call for submissions, asking artists to submit work in response to a poem by nationally-acclaimed poet Robert Wrigley, who happens to live in Moscow. The poem, “Spring Is Here,” is from his just-released book, Anatomy of Melancholy and Other Poems.

Two local artists’s submissions, Kat Clancy and Stacy Isenbarger, were chosen for postcards, posters, and the Broadsided Press July, 2013 collaboration.

Along with these, Broadsides created by University of Idaho Students were also made into a series of postcards/trading cards—one for each bus in Moscow—and posters—for the transit station.

Artist Anna Marlin is a UI studio art major who calls Michigan home…although she’s lived all over the place. Poet Jonah Sandford enjoys writing both poetry and creative nonfiction and has a passion for incorporating theology into his work through the use of historical narrative and evocative imagery.

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