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Contributions by Kaylen Baker:

“Exhibit A”

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It’s the 2019 Switcheroo! We received amazing, varied, inspiring submissions of writing in response to Jennifer Moses’s painting—now we’re thrilled to present the final winning collaboration.

Collaborators’ Q&A: Artist Jennifer Moses: After this pairing the painting has more layers of meaning for me and it makes me wonder if I would have come up with a similar image had I been responding first to Kaylen’s writing…I might have. Writer Kaylen Baker: I may have gone to a darker place with the words. Or rather, my narrator is at odds with what she’s looking at, which creates a dissonance between emotion and reality.

Artist Jennifer Moses lives and paints in Boston, where she is currently represented by the Kingston Gallery. She is a Professor at the University of New Hampshire. Kaylen Baker is a writer and translator. Originally from Hawai’i, she graduated from Columbia University’s MFA program and now lives in Paris, where she’s at work on a book of fiction.

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