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Contributions by Benjamin Grossberg:

“Letter to My Thirteen-Year-Old Self”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Poet Benjamin S. Grossberg: It’s only in the last few years that I’ve gained enough distance from my teenage self to really understand how deeply I was shaped by the violently homophobic society in which I grew up: 1970s and ‘80s New Jersey. Artist Douglas Culhane: The imagery in the poem relates darkness, accumulation, and secrecy. I think that I was responding more to the fact of the poem, which is an act of clarity and compassion.

Benjamin S. Grossberg’s latest book, My Husband Would (University of Tampa, 2020), won the 2021 Connecticut Book Award. Artist Douglas Culhane works in sculpture and drawing. He has exhibited in New York and New England and he teaches art at Amherst College.

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“The Space Traveler and Wandering”

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Collaborators’ Q&A What did you think an artist would pick up on from your poem? Poet Benjamin Grossberg: “Wandering” is a list of objects, and objects transformed. I expected the artist to pick up on that, and I think she did—transforming a map/letter into a rocket ship. She applies my simile to a new object. What inspires you in this poem? Artist Jennifer Bevill: Ever since the original “Star Wars” movie came out and I saw it …

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