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Contributions by Adam Chiles:

“My Father’s Hearing Aid”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Poet Adam Chiles: I was hoping to see the artist capture both the interior and exterior aspects of the poem; the aching of the ear as it leans towards sound… My wife took one look at the piece and told me I had to have it tattooed on my arm! Artist Cheryl Gross: I was influenced by the description of the father’s ear. I particularly like to incorporate faucets and industrial oddities into my work.

Poet Adam Chiles’s first collection, Evening Land, was nominated for the 2009 Gerald Lampert Memorial award for best first book in Canada. Artist Cheryl Gross, who was recently awarded Winner Best Poetry Film at the Ó bháal Film Competition, INDIE CORK 2015 for “In The Circus Of You,” has an MFA in New Forms from Pratt and her work has often been compared to Dr. Seuss on crack.

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