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Contributions by Emily Dickinson:

“The Bustle in a House”

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Why this poem? An answer by artist Jenny Bevill Not surprisingly with Dickinson, it’s a sad story. My mom died in May after a short but intense and completely unexpected battle with cancer. I’d been trying to write thank you notes to all the people who helped us out during her illness but I just hadn’t been able to do it. I was overwhelmed with not knowing how to express my feelings. Then I read …


“Wild nights”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Artist Meghan Keane: For me, art is making something transform from what is expected to what is unexpected and complex and beautiful (even if it’s dark and haunting); that process is tactile, using the body as a tool for manipulating materials.

Artist Meghan Keane is a teaching artist at Kentler International Drawing Space and a visiting alumni artist at the Brooklyn College art department printshop.

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“I never hear the word ‘escape'”

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Why this poem? An answer by artist Elizabeth Terhune Like many people, I respond to Dickinson’s incredible compression, her inventiveness. In this case, I particularly liked how the poem opens up at the end (by quieting down a bit?). Also, her wildly fun sense of image and language. “A quicker blood.” “A flying attitude.” The poem has a resonant interiority to it, but she keeps playful. It is both intensely personal, her vulnerability is felt, …

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