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Contributions by Liza Katz Duncan:


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Collaborators’ Q&A

Poet Liza Katz Duncan: Initially I had expected to see a more literal interpretation of the poem—the womb, the water—but I’m glad this wasn’t the direction Regin decided to go. Regin’s drawing captures the chaos of pregnancy and pregnancy loss, the tangled knot… Artist Regin Igloria: …I began this drawing as a sketch of protest signs brought forth and revealed during the recent SCOTUS headlines [regarding Roe v. Wade].

Poet Liza Katz Duncan is the author of Given, which won the Autumn House Press Rising Writer Award. Her poems have appeared in AGNI, About Place, Poem-a-Day, Poetry Northwest, National Poetry Review, and elsewhere. Artist Regin Igloria maintains a multidisciplinary studio practice which revolves around teaching, working in arts administration, and education. In 2010, he founded North Branch Projects, a community program based in Albany Park, Chicago, to help expand the creativity of others through book arts.


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