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Contributions by Allison Escoto:

“Buen Consejo (Good Advice)”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Poet Allison Escoto: [polyphony]  feels especially timely right now, when so often we come up against the idea that there is only ONE way to do things and the pervasive notion that going backwards is somehow better than adapting to a changing world with no room for diversity. Artist Undine Brod: …there are so many different views and varying beliefs in this world; one person’s important work of art could be a piece that I want to destroy or destroys me emotionally. Art is necessary to our existence.

Poet Allison Escoto is a poet and head librarian at the Center for Fiction in NYC and Associate Editor of Newtown Literary Journal. Artist Undine Brod’s primary medium is clay that she combines with found objects of domestic origins. Her work addresses the human condition.

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