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Contributions by Fady Joudah:


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Collaborators’ Q&A: Do you see an overlap between the act of translation and the act of responding visually to a piece of literature? Artist Douglas Culhane: Both involve interpretation and recreation. Both require a fidelity to the original as well as a commitment to the truth and presentation of the reimagined work. Translator Fady Joudah: Life is not possible without translation. I mean that literally, at DNA level.

Palestinian poet Ghassan Zaqtan is the author of ten collections of poetry, most recently Like a Straw Bird It Follows Me. Translator Fady Joudah is a poet and physician. His translation of Like a Straw Bird It Follows Me won the Griffin Poetry Prize. Artist Douglas Culhane works in sculpture and drawing. He has exhibited in New York and New England. 


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