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Contributions by Jen Jabaily-Blackburn:

“Dear Corporation, Early Years to Present”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Artist Kara Searcy: The line “workers still complain how dreams struggle inside their heads” was a large part of what pushed me towards a painting that seemed to hide something beautiful.  Poet Jen Jabaily-Blackburn: I love how the buildings have this weird otherworldly color against the grey background, and seeing that the buildings are made of sheet music, that’s just gorgeous—a glimpse of almost invisible music.

Poet Jen Jabaily-Blackburn lives in the beautiful Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts with her husband and their dog. Artist Kara Searcy is a multi-media artist from Iowa.

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“2011 Haiku Year-in-Review”

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Collaborators’ Q&A, Season by Season Winter: Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan Once you saw the art for your season, did it cause you to see your haiku in a different light? Poet Peter Kline: I was moved by the dramatic simplicity of Kara Searcy’s design, which emphasized the individual human cost of the Japanese tsunami while also insisting on the impersonality of the destructive forces. I was surprised at how closely her vision of the tragedy matched …

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