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Contributions by Zan Jacobus:

“In Rho Ophiuchi”

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Collaborators Q&A: Poet Zan Jacobus: I wondered whether an artist would work off the contrast of Rho Ophiuchu and a single human life on earth, or stick with outer space. Douglas shows us “the ruffle of red stars,” the pulse of the poem.  Some of this poem is about whether size is an indication of relative importance or beauty–or not.  By not referencing the minutiae of human experience, Douglas gives us the hugeness of time.  Artist Douglas Culhane: As I played with cosmic imagery I realized how it relates to much smaller phenomena. The visual affinities between the microscopic and the telescopic are compelling.

Zan Jacobus is a poet, psychoanalyst and clinical social worker practicing in Brooklyn, NY. Artist Douglas Culhane works in sculpture and drawing. He has exhibited in New York and New England and he teaches art at Amherst College.

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