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Contributions by Jari Thymian:

“One Lineage of Ice, Ravened”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Artist Kate Baird: I like how it goes from short, personal episode to mythic sweep. And I worry about ice disappearing. Poet Jari Thymian: First, I had the definite feeling that Kate placed the ravens on the shoulders of every person. I see the shoulders, the glaciers, the ghosts of ravens. Then I saw all the colors and layers of ice. Until then, I don’t think I consciously saw that I had layers of ice (numbered stanzas) in the poem.

Poet Jari Thymian’s poetry has appeared in Simply Haiku, Ekphrasis, The Christian Science Monitor, The Pedestal Magazine, The Progenitor, ByLine, and in various anthologies. Artist Kate Baird looks for the distances and differences between places through drawing and painting. She received an MFA from the University of Chicago in 2005 and currently works as a teaching artist at the Guggenheim Museum and the Kentler International Drawing Space.

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