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Contributions by Jericho Brown:

“Another Elegy”

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Collaborators’ Q&A What did you think an artist would pick up on from your poem? Poet Jericho Brown: The nun. What inspires you in this poem? Artist Stacy Isenbarger: I was struck by the rigor and weight of both letting go & holding on. While responding I considered a stain in reflection of a used vessel waiting in expectation. In my sketches this manifested itself in the form of a cloaked figure with open hands in …

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Collaborators’ Q&A What inspired you to “dibs” this poem? Artist Kevin Morrow: I dibsed this poem by Jericho because of its simplistic complexity. Something which is so simple is always so “open” and enduring. It opens in all of us the uncanny human ability to think, know, interpret, understand and formulate philosophies. It’s like what one of my “hero’s” Woody Guthrie says…”any fool can get complicated, but it takes genius to attain simplicity.” As well I …

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