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Contributions by Katherine Seluja:

“You Are Migrant”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Artist Janice Redman: I love the weight of the figures, which are filled with sand, and the way they flop as they are stacked. To have them on top of a teacup, which for me is about comfort and ritual and intimacy—there’s something caring about it. There’s a sense of being in a state of sighing. Poet Katherine DiBella Seluja: First of all I love the medium… The anonymity, the gray, the lack of individuation or identity so fully represent the refugee experience and this is a significant aspect of the message I want to convey in my poem.

Artist Janice Redman, is a sculptor, beekeeper, and mother who lives on Cape Cod. Poet Katherine DiBella Seluja is a poet and a nurse.

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