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Contributions by Rogan Kelly:


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Collaborators’s Q&A: Poet Rogan Kelly: I think seeing Zehra’s treatment of the elbow of her beloved took a poem that was more personal and private confession and created more connection for me. Artist Zehra Khan: With the poem and art on the same page I found my eye bouncing to the elbow after every stanza, looking for answers. I feel like both works speak under veils, showing glimpses of the Beloved.

Poet Rogan Kelly’s work has recently appeared in The Cortland Review, New Orleans Review, The Penn Review, and Pidgeonholes. He has one chapbook, Demolition in the Tropics (Seven Kitchens Press 2019). He is the editor of The Night Heron Barks. Zehra Khan is a multi-disciplinary artist who likes to make things by hand. She works in drawing, sculpture, installations, performance, and painting on people. Khan is American and Pakistani, born in Indonesia. You can find her work at

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