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Contributions by Manny Loley:

“Tádídíín Bizaad” / “The Language of Corn Pollen”

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Collaborators’s Q&A: Poet Manny Loley: The process was truly a conversation between the artist and poet, between the visual image and language. While both are contained within the white space of the page, which can be a constricting space at times and one that is full of historical and sociopolitical trauma for many BIPOC writers/artists, allowing the two to converse with each other, to change with each other, was refreshing and liberating. Artist MJ Levy Dickson: I drive by fields of corn whenever I go to town. When I read his poem I wanted to stop in the cornfields and sketch each stalk and tassel.

Poet Manny Loley is a member of Saad Bee Hózhǫ: Diné Writers’ Collective and director of the Emerging Diné Writers’ Institute. Artist MJ Levy Dickson’s work explores global interconnectedness through common denominators in nature.

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