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Contributions by Margaret Noori:

“Lexiconography 1 / Aabjito’ikidowinan 1 / Used Words 1”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Artist Meghan Keane: My work often deals with layers, movement and gesture. It was very organic for this visual response to loop, drape, and flow in ways similar to the unfolding and self-translating quality of the poem. Translator Margaret Noori: It was very much like swimming through wind instead of water with the same body you have always used, but surrounded by something new. Poet Heid Erdrich: There’s movement, too, in the image, which I really appreciated since Ojibwe is a verb-based language.

Poet Heid E. Erdrich has authored four books of poetry. Artist Meghan Keane exhibits nationally and internationally. Translator Margaret Noori directs the Comprehensive Studies Program and teaches the Anishinaabe Language and American Indian Literature at the University of Michigan.

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