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Contributions by Maureen Doallas:

2014 Haiku Year-in-Review

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The annual Haiku Year-In-Review (HYIR) celebrates, examines, and honors the past year in poetry and art.

Meet the Poets: A group that spans the continent, a group that loves poetry and works as teachers, naturalists, and advocates. We asked them to tell us about themselves, and to also look back on 2014 and share their most memorable moment, be it personal or public.

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“Hands Make Their Movements”

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Collaborators’ Q&A What is behind your choice of this piece of art in response to Ebola? Artist Maura Cunningham: Sometimes our shared breath/spirit is all we have. If there is one thing all beings have in common it is that we breathe in when we are born, we breathe out when we leave this form. Beyond that everything is a mystery—where we go, why we leave the way we do, and how this can only …

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