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Contributions by Maureen Seaton:


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NOTE: This broadside is one of six published for our “Bearing Arms: Responding to Guns in American Culture” special feature.

Collaborators’ Q&A

What is behind your choice of this piece of art in response to the topic “Guns in American Culture”? Artist Jonathan Clyde Frey: I designed the first timeline a few years ago as a way to think through the tension between protecting personal freedoms and living with their consequences.

Why did this piece of art resonate for you or seem like it would give you an avenue into writing about this subject? Poet Maureen Seaton: It’s a chart, a diagram, colorful, historical… Frey’s art felt real to me, beautiful, cold, and terrifying.

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“Rules for Cave Diving”

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Collaborators’ Q&A This poem was chosen in response to Jennifer Bevill’s artwork, “Undersea”—can you talk about the experience of finding words that were in conversation with the image? What leapt out first from the art? A particular image? A mood? A line? Poet Maureen Seaton: When I first approached Jennifer Bevill’s assemblage, I fully intended to write something new. I love responding to visual art and I was looking forward to the exercise and the …

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