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Contributions by Tyler Mills:


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Collaborators’ Q&A

Artist Stacy Isenbarger: I was drawn to its light and tangled noting of absence, how it brought out those warm edges of crumbling, breaking and disconnection.  Poet Tyler Mills: I was thinking about absence but didn’t have any ideas about what an artist might decide to portray. I love what the artwork does with movement–the artwork is swirling around something that isn’t there, and I think it’s beautiful.

Artist Stacy Isenbarger is an artist, professor, mover, and shaker. She teaches Art + Design at the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID. Poet Tyler Mills is the author of City Scattered, Hawk Parable, Tongue Lyre, as well as Low Budget Movie, co-authored with Kendra DeColo. She teaches for Sarah Lawrence College’s Writing Institute and lives in Brooklyn.

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