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Contributions by Amy Newman:

“The Fox”

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Did the visual artist refract any element of the poem that made you see the poem differently? Poet Amy Newman: After salivating over the image of the fox, who is everything one could hope for (his ghost-y shape and his manner, his susceptibility, his interest in the wildness of that space in the floor, and his vulnerability as well), I became very interested in the hand and string images….

When you began this piece, was it color, shape, or some other aspect that you followed? Did that change? Artist Stacy Isenbarger: My first sketches explored teeth and fur, but this response seemed too literal. As I began blind contour drawings of my hands offering and receiving, I felt like I was better connecting to the gesture of the poem…

Collaborators: Amy Newman is the author of five poetry collections, most recently On This Day in Poetry History. She teaches at Northern Illinois University. Stacy Isenbarger creates mixed-media drawings, sculpture, and installations. She teaches at the University of Idaho.

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