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Contributions by Pamela Johnson Parker:

“Collective Origins” / “Ulysses/Uxoria”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Artist Kevin Morrow: This drawing, like so much of my work, focuses on the simple complexity of nature. I feel that it is obvious enough to say I am interested in the simple yet complex aesthetic of tree rings and patterns. Poet Pamela Johnson Parker: I had begun and discarded a much longer piece related to modern literature and its classical roots; a poem about Joyce’s Ulysses was part of this. When I saw Kevin’s gorgeous work, it reminded me of the history that a tree tells through its rings.

Artist Kevin Morrow is a native of Wisconsin who received his BFA in sculpture from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2003. Poet Pamela Johnson Parker is a certified medical language specialist and adjunct instructor of creative writing at Murray State University.

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