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Contributions by Jay Baza Pascua:

“Malångu I Maga’håga” / “The Woman Chief is Ill”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Why this poem? Artist Lisa Sette: “Ready the outrigger.” I feel the same way.  I wasn’t born buried.  I didn’t sprout from the earth, I was born from water. I love the repetition and pace of this poem. When you consider all 3 broadsides of this folio together, what comes to mind? Poet Jay Baza Pascua: One poem spoke of nature and the other of death. My poem included these two subjects. It was as though we were meant to be featured together. It’s amazing that we did not collaborate.

Poet Jay Baza Pascua is Chamorro—an indigenous person of Guam. He is a storyteller. Artist Lisa Sette lives on Cape Cod.

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