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Contributions by Patrick Carrington:

“Learning History in Nursery School”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Poet Patrick Carrington: Quite a few images ran through my mind–puddles on city streets, rainbows and clock towers–until I made the decision to stop imagining, to wait and see. To let the artist do what she does best. Artist Anya Ermak-Bower: As mother to a three-and-a-half year old boy—a boy who loves his puddle boots and puddles—the poem and recent climate here have reminded me of being a child in rainy Lithuania, and of a child’s ability to enjoy the moment, regardless of the weather.

Poet Patrick Carrington is the poetry editor at the art & literary journal Mannequin Envy. His manuscript Thirst (Codhill, 2007), winner of Codhill Press’ 2006 Poetry Chapbook Award, has just been released. Artist Anya Ermak-Bower earned her design degree from a university in Western Russia. She has lived in Alaska for five years, and channels her creativity into work, cooking, and raising her sons.


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