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Contributions by Rachel Carle:

“Be Aware”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Artist Stacy Isenbarger: Being Michigan born & having family in the area, the idea of a place no longer being “Home, Sweet, Home” struck me. The idea of being stuck made the material collision of concrete and embroidery a necessary response. Poet Rachel Carle: In our daily lives, we embody, perpetuate, and redesign what it means to be human. Some of those processes have been put in an officially political arena, like the Flint water crisis, but I don’t believe that poems on love or nature are any less vital to our construction of self and culture.

Artist Stacy Isenbarger is an artist, professor, mover, and shaker.Poet Rachel Carle is a senior in the University of Virginia’s undergraduate Area Program in Poetry Writing. She is pursuing a career at the intersection of politics and storytelling.

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