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Contributions by Janil Uc Tun:


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Collaborators’s Q&A: Artist MJ Levy Dickson:  This project has been a joyful and thoughtful experience during a time of uncertainty.  Translator Don Cellini: I am seduced by the wavy grey lines that form the background. Are they ridges to a mountain? The soggy paper bag in the poem? Poet Janil Uc Tun: [I am surprised by] the ability to build networks and bridges between different views of different geographies, which are empowered by the same starting point.

Translator Don Cellini is a teacher, poet, translator, and photographer. Poet Janil Uc Tun, of the Yucatán, won the XIX José Díaz Bolio Peninsular Prize in Poetry. His chapbook, from Ofi Press, is Colección de insectos que volaron sobre mi cabeza / Collection of Insects that Flew Around My Head. Artist MJ Levy Dickson’s work explores global interconnectedness through common denominators in nature.

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