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Contributions by Zachary Savich:

“As Any Approaching Might Smile and Stop” (Savich & Keane)

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Writer Zach Savich: Meghan Keane animated the sentences—rippling. I like the thing being born in the middle, already tethered. Artist Meghan Keane: I was inspired by the imagery: the sound of the press; the simple blackness; the yellow line; the repetition, numerical or not.

Writer Zach Savich is the author of three full-length collections of poetry—Full Catastrophe Living, Annulments, and The Firestorm. Artist Meghan Keaneis the founding director of

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“As Any Approaching Might Smile and Stop” (Savich & Terhune)

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Collaborators’ Q&A What did you think an artist would pick up on from your poem? Writer Zach Savich: When I read that poem, I see a dark road. It looks wet because of headlights, not rain. What inspires you in this poem? Artist Elizabeth Terhune: I liked the gathering of images. I’m always thinking in terms of visual interpretation. The poem has a straight-forward, direct quality. The language seems plain, quiet actually. Yet it navigates through a …

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