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Syrian Refugee Crisis, 2015

At Broadsided, we believe that art and literature belong in our daily lives. They inspire and demonstrate the vitality and depth of our connection with the world.

We have watched the news and images of people fleeing, in a large part, war in Syria (the Syrian Civil War)—nearly four million individuals—and the complicated reception of those refugees globally.

Five Broadsided Press artists provided images they created that, for them, speak to the Syrian refugees in a wide sense. We also reached out to artists abroad, and the Syrian artist Moustafa Jacoub offered one of his pieces. Submissions of writing poured in. Guest editor Roger Sedarat, whose translation of Hafez we published in 2013, came on board to help us select the final poems and short ficiton.

Below are the collaborations that resulted and the responses of the writers and artists to this experience.

We hope you will download these, print them, and share them in your communities.