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Art Wanted: New Broadsided Responds Feature

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Bearing Arms:  Responding to Guns in American Culture

We have, according to the constitution, the right “to keep and bear arms” in the United States.  But how, in the wake of Las Vegas, Pulse, Sandy Hook, Trayvon Martin, and other abuses of firearms—by citizens and in some cases by those trained to protect and serve—do we bear that right?  How do we bear it?

At Broadsided, we believe that art and literature belong in our daily lives. They inspire and demonstrate the vitality and depth of our connection with the world. We had to speak out—we had to make a space for you to speak out—on this issue.


Guest Arts Editor Stacy Isenbarger will lead our search for 3-5 visual works to begin this conversation.  We welcome artists from all stages in their careers and all mediums.  If selected, your work will be posted online for writers to respond to, made into a broadside featuring writing and art, and distributed through our website and the grassroots “vectors” around the world who print and post Broadsided Press publications in their communities.


Once the art has been selected, we will post the images for writers to respond to on this subject.  We will seek literary responses that explore rather than explain. We welcome responses from diverse perspectives:  urban and rural, hunters and pacifists, those who currently or have in the past used guns as a means of force — either legally or illegally.

Guidelines for Artists

Please use Submittable to submit up to three (3) digital images of your work under the appropriate category in Submittable.  Files should be under 500 kb in size.  If selected for publication, we will ask for a higher-resolution image of your work.

Please include a short bio in your entry  and the title/size/medium of your work.

DEADLINE: November 10, 2017.

If the submission fee is a barrier to your participation in this feature, you may send your work by snail mail to: Broadsided Press, PO Box 24, Provincetown MA 02657.  Please include email contact information.

Guidelines for Writers

Coming in mid-November, once the art has been selected.

About “Broadsided Responds”

Since 2011, Broadsided has offered opportunities for artists and writers to engage with pressing questions of the moment.  We believe in artists as first responders in times of crisis. See all past features here.