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Submission Guidelines

Broadsided seeks poetry and prose that is evocative, riveting, and not too esoteric.

Broadsides are out on the streets, and we hope that they compel all kinds of people to stop, read, and consider. We want them to draw in readers, not push them away. That said, we want smart, difficult work. Work that challenges and speaks strongly.

If accepted for publication, a Broadsided artist will respond to your work visually, and then words and art will be made into a broadside. You will not be in conversation with the artist during this process, which is why we also publish a brief author/artist Q&A along with the broadside to lift the curtain and let people peer into the process behind a creation.

We nominate work published by Broadsided Press for consideration in national prizes, such as the Pushcart.


Send your original, unpublished poems of 25 lines or less (shorter is better for Broadsided collaborations because it allows the reader time and space for both words and images). 3-5 poems at the most, please.


Send your original, unpublished 300 words of prose (or less).


For our format (on one sheet of paper, designed to be read by someone strolling by) short pieces work best. It gives us more space to play with design, more rest for the eye, a more open invitation to passsers-by.


All submissions must be sent via Submittable. We will do our best to respond within 8-9 weeks. There is a $3 fee for submissions, which goes toward keeping Broadsided Press “on the air” so we can give the broadsides away to any who want to download them and get your work onto the streets of the world.  We appreciate your support.


Reading Period

From September 1 – May 15, we welcome your submissions. If you submit over the summer, we will not respond to you until the fall. We look forward to reading your work!


In the meantime, want to know what we’re up to?  Don’t miss a single issue.  Keep up.

Upon Acceptance

A Broadsided artist will respond to your work visually, and then your poem/story/essay will be made into a unique, letter-sized poster for anyone to download and print.

The team of artists involved with Broadsided are phenomenally talented individuals in whom the editors have utter faith and confidence.  You will not be in correspondence with the artist responding to your work.  In fact, the first time you will see the visual art your writing inspired will be when you are sent a proof of the broadside to check for typographical errors. Sit back and see what happens!

You will be expected to answer questions for our “Collaborators’ Q&A” feature in which you can discuss the experience of having an artist respond to your work.  You will also email us a photo of your Broadsided Press collaboration posted up in your community, preferably with you in the image. We want you to be part of putting words and art on the streets.

Once your work is Broadsided, it will be distributed on walls and telephone poles saved on this site as a PDF for others to download, enjoy, and post for all time.

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