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“Teach” Section Live!

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We are pleased to begin rolling out articles and lesson plans for teachers with Michael McGriff’s beautiful, moving essay, “Broadsides as Adventure and Architecture.”

Someone has just spray-painted a phrase from her favorite Sappho fragment on a brick wall. Someone just leased billboard space in The Middle of Nowhere Texas to print the Theodore Roethke lines “Money Money Money  / Water Water Water.”

Visit the Teach section now to read all of McGriff’s powerful essay.

This section of Broadsided Press furthers our mission of engaging writers, artists, and readers/viewers with art and literature outside of traditional settings.  Art inspires.  Literature inspires. Together, in combination, they can open worlds for students that did not even appear on the map.

If you are a teacher who has used broadsides in your classroom, we’d love to consider your lesson plan/article.  Please contact us.

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