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Vectors Wanted: Tell Your Story

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Become an art-activist, a guerrilla curator, a grassroots distributor, and tell us your story about putting broadsides up in your community.

Stories matter.  Being the one to put words and art into the world can be powerful, exciting, a little nerve-wracking, and surprising.  Some people have shared their experiences.  We call them Vector Stories, and we’d like to hear more.

Some examples:

  • Tom Phan put “Almost Spring,” a collaboration about a miscarriage, on a notice board in the staff restroom of his hospital’s labor and delivery floor.  This led him to consider the huge responsibility of the first stillbirth he presided over.  (read the story)
  • Glad, abroad in Japan, found that posting broadsides made him consider his new, temporary city in a different light and maybe made it a step closer to home. (read the story)
  • Lisa Stice asked her husband, a US Marine, to bring “Drone Confessional” to work and post it there.  Her follow-up report shares that not only did the broadside stay up, but someone moved it to a more “secure” location. (read the story)

Do you want to go out, post, and share your experience?  Contact us via and get the conversation started.