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We’re Moving! From Monthly Singles to Biannual Folios in Nov. and April

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Since 2005, when Broadsided launched, we’ve loved offering slow art: one broadside (sometimes more) every month for people to savor and enjoy. But as we’ve grown, so has our desire to add more features, seek more community, and offer more connections.

To that end, Broadsided is moving from a monthly single to a biannual folio published in November and April.  We hope you feel, like we do, that this is a great move for Broadsided — one that will allow the editorial, design, and production teams to better focus and put energy behind what we publish.  There will be a flurry of excitement, a campaign of sharing, connections between broadsides, and more that we can do.

What’s NOT in flux?  Our commitment to broadsides and the unique synergy of poems and art engaging one another.  Our excitement about print-ready original work that can be taken to the streets.  Our curiosity about the creative process and our dedication to sharing that process with readers.

We’ll keep our same open submissions to writers (submissions are closed for the summer, but we’ll open again in September). Now we can be more responsive with our publication calendar, folding in work in a timely fashion.  We might have time to explore audio a bit more, as we did with Lauren Woods and Gibson Fay-LeBlanc‘s collaboration.  Our lesson plans can be more focused and helpful to teachers.

We are eager to see where this leads us, and we hope you’ll feel invited to share your own hopes, dreams, and wishes as we take the summer to finalize our plans and roll out the first folio in November, which will include our annual Translation feature.

See you in the fall!

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