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Contributions by Jennifer Van:

“Graffiti on Moving Day”

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Collaborators’ Q&A What inspired you to bring your work to Broadsided? Poet H.E. Fisher: “Graffiti on Moving Day” is about the power of language and images and the mysteries they may hold, and the mysteries our own homes may hold. In this case, it‘s about language that is an image that I tried to decipher, decode. I thought how interesting it would be to have a poem about deciphering an image/words as a broadside. I …

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Artist Jennifer Van: I felt that the human element was very important for this particular work. The line “suffering endured this year by those who have never felt so much before” rang through me as I thought about these last few years with the pandemic. Poet Kent Leatham: Jennifer’s gorgeous final product [is] stunning in its decision to emphasize the transience of humanness and the blurriness of grief.

Jennifer Van is a fine art photographer whose work contemplates themes of time, fragmentation, and identity. Van’s recent work explores her personal experiences through the use of her body. She is currently the director of Strata Gallery in Santa Fe. Kent Leatham is a poet, translator, and educator. His work has appeared in  PloughsharesPrairie SchoonerBest New Poets, Fence and elsewhere. He currently facilitates the Monterey Bay Poetry Consortium. He is proudly pansexual.

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