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Contributions by Lisa Allen Ortiz:


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Collaborators’ Q&A: Poet Lisa Allen Ortiz: Honestly, I was worried there would be a bee…  So I was so delighted to see Karen’s take on the poem, in which she captured the airiness and joyful disorientation that I feel the poem has.  Artist Karen Cappotto:  The breath of the poem inspires me and draws me toward it.

Artist Karen Cappotto’s landscapes are in the Provincetown Art Association and Museum’s Permanent collection and she is a founding member of the Provincetown Commons, a nonprofit focused on developing support and economic opportunities for the creative community of Provincetown.  Poet Lisa Allen Ortiz is the author of Guide to the Exhibit, recipient of the 2016 Perugia Press Prize. Her work has been featured in the Best New Poets series and on Verse Daily.  She grew up in Northern California and now lives in Santa Cruz.

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“Cost Benefit”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Poet Lisa Allen Ortiz: In fact I wrote the poem in response to Gross’ drawing. I am a sucker for text in visual art, and I really liked the receipt she put on the right, and I like the illegible language on the bottom. I’m a great fan of illegible things. Artist Cheryl Gross: Her interpretation of the drawing is much different from what I intended it to be. I find this interesting and enlightening to get another person’s take on my work.

Artist Cheryl Gross is a painter, illustrator, mini-documentarian, and motion graphics animator. Poet Lisa Allen Ortiz is currently an MFA candidate at Pacific University.

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