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Contributions by Nicelle Davis:

“Will Flowers Grow if They’re Watered by Tears or Blood?”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: How did this poem come to be? Poet Nicelle Davis: During quarantine, the price of house plants skyrocketed. I found it interesting how “life” became the new status symbol for many. How do you feel about plants? Do you think they are sexy? Artist Michelle L’Heuruex: Plants are 100% sexy! Everything about them is sensuous: their curves, their smells, the feel of their petals and leaves in your hand, the sounds they make in the breeze or when rain falls on them, their breath.

Michele L’Heureux is a visual artist, designer, and independent curator who has exhibited her work and curated exhibitions of contemporary art in New York and throughout New England. Nicelle Davis is a California poet, collaborator, and performance artist. Her poetry collections include The Walled Wife, In the Circus of You, Becoming Judas, and Circe.

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Collaborators’ Q&A:  Poet Nicelle Davis: Broadsided is simply beautiful—it represents all the things I consider to be “good” and “true.” Broadsided is driven by a sense of restorative justice—it gives art back. Artist Meghan Keane: I was moved and inspired by the direct and veiled content of LGBT+ sexual experiences. A line that hasn’t left me: “When she said she knew, I understood tamales.”

Nicelle Davis is a California poet, collaborator, and performance artist. She is the creator of The Poetry Circus and collaborator on the Nevermore Poetry Festival. Artist Meghan Keane is a painter and printmaker. She is the founding director of

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“Composition 101”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Artist Cheryl Gross: I found the poem to be deliciously disturbing. I was able to pull out the creepiness and subdue it. This to me is how the ugliness in life operates, on a more restrained level. Writer Nicelle Davis: Cheryl Gross’s illustration validates the experience of the poem completely. I love the child’s head attached to the manly Adam’s apple; he is such a lovable haunt.

Writer Nicelle Davis lives in Southern California with her husband James and their son J.J. Artist Cheryl Gross has an MFA in New Forms from Pratt.

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