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Contributions by Tiffany Higgins:

“The Seeds of Aleppo”

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Artist Sarah Van Sanden: The delicate airborne seed sketched on a found envelope embodies, for me, movement, transition, and possibility—a metaphor of sorts for the people fleeing unlivable circumstances in Syria. Poet Tiffany Higgins: I have sincere, ongoing questions about how to effectively represent others’ suffering. Poets I esteem such as Camille Dungy and Kyle Dargan have warned against adopting others’ voices as one’s own, and I heed that warning.

Collaborators: Artist Sarah Van Sanden lives in Seattle. She has studied visual art, botany and design and makes her living designing and building landscapes. Poet Tiffany Higgins is author of And Aeneas Stares into Her Helmet (Carolina Wren).

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