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Contributions by Kathleen Winter:

“Glitter Factory”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Poet Kathleen Winter: Sarah’s shaping of glitter into chemical formations is clever and perfect. I’m delighted that she included a handgun and a lipstick, elements from the poem. What surprised and thrilled me even more was her inclusion of a flag, not mentioned in the poem. Artist Sarah Van Sanden: I love how this poem moves so smoothly between the promise of science and capitalism and the scourge of corruption and the environmental crisis with obliqueness and wry humor. It’s slick and silly at the same time.

Poet Kathleen Winter is the author of Transformer, forthcoming in 2020 from The Word Works Press, as well as two other collections. Artist Sarah Van Sanden lives in Seattle, where she takes every opportunity to relish in urban nature.

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