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Contributions by Catherine R. Cryan:

2013 Haiku Year-in-Review

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NOTE: Inspired by Carrier’s Addresses and a deep commitment to public art, the HYIR is a special feature that debuted at Broadsided in 2010. Artist Caleb Brown created work in response to events that, for him, dominated each season of the past year. We placed an open call for submissions of haiku that did the same. The art and the poems selected as finalists were posted online, and we asked you to vote on the winning combinations.

Artist Caleb Brown, a storydrawer, lives in northwest central Massachusetts with his wife, twin boys and a big black dog named Pickles. Writer Beth Feldman Brandt is the author of SAGE and her poems are featured as part of the upcoming exhibition, Bartram Boxes Remix, at the Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia. Writer Michael Rutledge Riley is a Writing teacher sometimes, sometimes a writing teacher, and has spent the last fifteen years re-taking Eighth grade. Writer Catherine R. Cryan is a writer, farmer, and educator living in Rhode Island. She also sometimes works as a greenhouse manager and college sports statistician. Writer Ron Levitsky is a retired social studies teacher who lives in northern Illinois.

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Poet Catherine R. Cryan: There are so many opportunities for stories in this image. The hazy quality invites peering closer, first to make out the dimly-lit scene, then to ask the hows and whys. Artist Kara Searcy: I had wanted the piece to capture that we live in broken world, but that there is life and hope in the midst of struggle as people walk the narrow path of life.

Artist Kara Searcy is a multi-media artist from Iowa. Poet Catherine R. Cryan is a writer, farmer, and champion frog-catcher. She currently works as a greenhouse manager and college sports statistician in Rhode Island.

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