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Contributions by Catherine R. Cryan:

“2013 Haiku Year-in-Review”

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Collaborators’ Q&A, Season by Season How do you think the four art/haiku combinations create a conversation about 2013? Artist Caleb Brown: To me, there were three conversations about 2013: the first was an internal dialogue to frame the breadth of the year. We wanted to present poets with a variety of evocative happenings that comprised more than one emotional color and came from different locations on the map. That process itself was enjoyable—I never knew …



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Collaborators’ Q&A: Poet Catherine R. Cryan: There are so many opportunities for stories in this image. The hazy quality invites peering closer, first to make out the dimly-lit scene, then to ask the hows and whys. Artist Kara Searcy: I had wanted the piece to capture that we live in broken world, but that there is life and hope in the midst of struggle as people walk the narrow path of life.

Artist Kara Searcy is a multi-media artist from Iowa. Poet Catherine R. Cryan is a writer, farmer, and champion frog-catcher. She currently works as a greenhouse manager and college sports statistician in Rhode Island.

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