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Contributions by Lynn Schmeidler:

“Scythian Radio”

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Collaborators’ Q&A: Poet Lynn Schmeidler: I would ask viewers/readers to sidle up to this Broadside, press an ear to it and listen. What music is playing on this radio? And who’s the DJ? Artist Douglas Culhane: When I make a sculpture I am making an “other” and, if things are going right, it looks back at me with its own gaze, speaks to me with its own voice. This is especially true of this piece. In the poem I had the opportunity to hear a viewer’s response in a rich articulate form.

Lynn Schmeidler is the author of History of Gone. Her poems have appeared in The Awl, Barrow Street, Boston Review, The Los Angeles Review, Fence, and several other journals and anthologies. Half-Lives, her book of short stories, is forthcoming. Lynn teaches creative writing online and lives in the Hudson Valley. Artist Douglas Culhane works in sculpture and drawing. He has exhibited in New York and New England and he teaches art at Amherst College.

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